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Witness at the Bridge Gini Anding

Witness at the Bridge

Gini Anding

Published November 15th 2005
Kindle Edition
230 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A late-night phone call awakens Inspector Jean-Michel Jolivet and his irrepressible American friend, Amy Page: a man has been found brutally murdered at the foot of the Pont Louis-Philippe. Curiously, the body has been posed theatrically, perhaps to send a message.Amy is surprised to discover that the victim is an acquaintance of hers and that she may have been the last person to see him. As she and Jean-Michel sift through codes, ciphers, and more violent murders, they uncover an international struggle for control of the new designer drug Bliss.Were it not for her deepening relationship with Jean-Michel and her enthusiasm for Paris-especially the Ile Saint-Louis and its unique characters-Amy would find it difficult to sustain what is about to engulf her and Jean-Michel.